INTRODUCTION Hello. My name is Rod Snyder. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of web design, programming and coding, and computer graphic arts. I am seeking to offer my skillset to the job market.
Website Design
and Development
Many years of experience developing websites and advanced web-based apps including business and financial web applications. Proficient in PHP, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.
Mobile App
Development of mobile-friendly web-based applications, such as the site you are now visiting. Use of responsive css and javascript for screen adaptation. Development of native Android apps as well.
Graphic Design
and Imaging
Many years experience with computer graphics and imaging, using Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint, including the creation of alpha-transparent png background images and logo design concepts.
Snyder Web Portfolio Since you are viewing this one-page website on a laptop or desktop, I am going to offer this site as a mobile app demo. I wrote all the PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for this site, as well as developing the imaging and design. This site also hosts its own fonts.

This site is highly responsive and will adapt to any device. Click the LAUNCH button to see this site as it would appear on your smart phone.
Big Dog Arcade I built this website nearly 20 years ago, before everyone owned a smart phone and a tablet. My intention was to use this site to learn PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. I exceeded my goals

For a few years I sold my own arcade templates and scripts through this website, serving over 300 customers world-wide.
Kayak Dog As an avid whitewater kayaker and a co-founder of the Kansas Whitewater Association, I built this website to serve the local whitewater community. The site displays current USGS river levels, showing trends and color-codes (red is too low, blue is too high). It also displays the river ratings ranging from Class I to Class V. Other useful tools and info are available through this site.

At one time this site hosted a message board, but that went away when Facebook took over the planet.
Cruise Kansas When my daughter played NCAA and NJCAA soccer in Kansas, my wife and I found ourselves driving throughout the 34th State. We saw parts of our home state that we never knew existed. I began building this website to share these places we found.

A noble concept, but I never completed the site. It does make a nice demo.
Stratus Aviation This was a beautiful website I built for some of my business associates at the Charles B Wheeler airport. The charter corporation was eventually dissolved and its owners went their separate ways. I am hosting the site in a subdirectory on my server to show it as a demo.

There are some maps on this site that used the Google Maps API which will not currently function properly since Google removed its free use. Just FYI.
Sudoku Mobile App This game was a challenge to code. It uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript exclusively. I searched the internet looking for help, and discovered many others developers were doing the same. Those few who had successfully programmed the game kept a tight lid on it.

I decided that if anyone else could do it, I could do it as well. I initially built this application for desktops and laptops. I soon converted it to a computer and phone-friendly platform.

The app can generate one of 145,152,000 games at your chosen difficulty level, and games can be imported from a sudoku book, for example.

Android® App Available
Moon Calendar App My wife and I enjoy watching a full moon rise, which gave me the idea to build this application. It will calculate exact lunar phases for each day, based on your zipcode. It also displays rise and set times per day for your selected location.

I built this app using PHP with a ton of math formulas. It is not dependent on any outside source.

To view a full size version of the Moon Calendar CLICK HERE
Quik Trip® Map App As I drive around this huge Kansas City metropolis, I often find myself needing to locate the closest Quik Trip stores, for gas and ATM service. This app stores all 83 local Quik Trips in a javascript (JSON) database.

When the app is launched, it will acquire your present position. It will then determine the Great Circle Distance from your position to each of the 83 Quik Trips.

Then app will list them in order from closest to farthest. It produces a link for each Quik Trip that when clicked, will launch Google Maps or your phone's navigator.

Android® App Available
Calendar App using Ajax I wanted to show you, my prospective employers (or customers) this mobile calendar app. I may be bearing my soul here, as this is actually my own personal mobile calendar. (Hopefully you won't hack my PIN Number)

As you swipe your finger left and right on your phone (or click buttons on your laptop), the app generates new pages on the fly (if it hasn't already generated that page). With the creation of each new page, the app communicates with my server to get any event stored in my database for that date. Events can be added, updated, or deleted.

Android® App Available
More About Rod
I worked for over 35 years in the aviation electronics industry. I watched the electronics evolve from analog transistor-driven steam-powered devices to computers and servers producing fully-integrated progammable systems. I evolved along with it. During my tour in aviation, I worked a couple of years in I.T. for BBA Aviation, developing websites and applications. That job went away with a corporate merger. I voluntarily left the aviation field in August 2020, to pursue other goals in my life.

I fell in love with website design and development, computer graphics, and creating mobile applications. I have been coding, designing, and developing at least a couple hours a day for nearly 2 decades. That's how I start my day. That and coffee.

I use a lot of business and financial applications that I wrote. I would be happy to demo them in a more private and personal setting.

I have decided to pursue a full-time career in web and app development. I would welcome the chance to meet with you and discuss the subject. I hope that the demos I included above will somewhat display my talents and years of hard work.

End Transmission
Rod Out
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